At Online Consultation, which took place on 12 May, 2021, members of the partner institutions from Italy, Sweden and Greece had the opportunity to learn about the work of the FAZ Department of Management and Rural Entrepreneurship.

In this modified form, compared to the previous online consultations, the presentation was given by three members of the Department:

Assist. Prof. Vesna Očić, PhD, Head of Department

Assist. Prof. Josip Juračak, PhD

Assist. Prof. Branka Šakić Bobić, PhD


Professor Šakić Bobić moderated the meeting and presented the areas of work of the Department of Management and Rural Entrepreneurship:

Farm Management, Production Economics, Bioeconomy, Modelling, Entrepreneurial Potential of Family Farms, Agroeconomic efficiency of Sustainable Agriculture, Risk Analysis and Insurance in Agriculture.


The discussion provided insights into the possibilities of expanding international cooperation through the preparation of potential joint projects, to be agreed upon through further meetings and discussions.