Venue: University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture

Date:   November 16-17 November 2023

Workshop leaders: Andreas Drichoutis (AUA), Achilleas Vassilopoulos (AUA), Jens Rommel (SLU, online)


The course was directed at researchers and students with an interest in scientific writing and publishing. In total, 3 instructors (1 online) and 16 people (1 online) participated in this workshop.

The course begun with an introduction to Latex/Overleaf and covered the basics of drafting a title page, adding tables, figures, sections, footnotes and references as well as making slide presentations through the beamer package. Moreover, participants received guidance as per how to write good academic papers, brainstorm for ideas and improve their writing skills. The course then moved on to the Quarto software for R users and covered topics of drafting document and presentation in pdf, html, beamer, word and other formats. The total number of hours was 20.

The course was hosted by the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Zagreb. During the course, all participants received didactic material and references.