Venue: University of Verona, Italy

Date:   17-19  May 2023

Course leader: Prof. Riccardo Scarpa, University of Verona, Department of Management

Led by Prof. Dr. Riccardo Scarpa, a renowned expert in the field, this workshop delved into advanced concepts and techniques for analyzing choice experiments data. The workshop attracted significant interest, highlighting the growing importance of this field in academia and beyond.

The event received an overwhelming response with over 100 registered attendees. There were both in-person and online options via Zoom. Around 15 participants joined us in person, enjoying an interactive and engaging learning experience at the University of Verona. Meanwhile, the virtual platform welcomed approximately 60 attendees from 28 different countries, actively participating in sessions from their locations.

The workshop covered a wide range of topics, including data structure, model estimation, preference heterogeneity, and advanced modeling techniques. Prof. Scarpa’s expertise and insightful discussions provided participants with a deeper understanding of choice experiments modeling and data analysis, equipping them with valuable knowledge and practical skills.

Combining theoretical presentations, hands-on sessions, and post-estimation procedures, attendees had the opportunity to enhance their proficiency in using the Apollo software package for choice experiment analysis. The workshop also fostered networking and collaborations among researchers, encouraging the exchange of ideas and experiences.

The success of the Workshop on Choice Experiments – Advanced Level, evident through the enthusiastic response and engagement of scholars, reflects the growing significance and interest in this field. The event served as a catalyst for knowledge promotion, research advancement, and collaboration in the domain of choice experiments.