Course: Winetr school on Economic experiments for policy making – From a research question to a study design

Venue: University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture, Zagreb

Date:   23 – 25 January 2023

Course leader: prof. dr. Jens Rommel

Lecturers: Živa Alif, Jens Rommel, Christoph Schulze, Tanja Šumrada

Target audience: The course is directed at researchers and students with an interest in applying an economic experiment to a policy question. To ensure high engagement, the maximum number of participants is limited to 15. The course is free of charge.

Course content: We will revisit selected methods/studies and showcase how to develop an experiment answering a policy question based on our own research experience. The course builds on extensive group work.

Course outline

January 23, 2023

09 – 11 Introduction to the public goods game

Isaac, R. M., Walker, J. M., & Thomas, S. H. (1984). Divergent evidence on free riding: An experimental examination of possible explanations. Public Choice, 43(2), 113-149.

Zelmer, J. (2003). Linear public goods experiments: A meta-analysis. Experimental Economics, 6(3), 299-310.

11 – 12 Case study: Public goods games in the Contracts2.0 project

Rommel, J., Schulze, C., Matzdorf, B., Sagebiel, J., & Wechner, V. (2022). Learning about German farmers’ willingness to cooperate from public goods games and expert predictions. Q Open.

13.30 –  Group work/consultations

January 24, 2023

09 – 11 Introduction to randomized controlled trials/field experiments

Banerjee, A., Duflo, E., Glennerster, R., & Kinnan, C. (2015). The miracle of microfinance? Evidence from a randomized evaluation. American Economic Journal: Applied economics, 7(1), 22-53.

Duflo, E. (2017). The economist as plumber. American Economic Review, 107(5), 1-26.

11 – 12 Case studies: Social recognition and technology adoption (Jens) +

Effectiveness of knowledge transfer and communication measures

13.30 – Group work/consultations

January 25, 2023

09 – 11 Introduction to discrete choice experiments for agricultural policy-making

Mariel, P., Hoyos, D., Meyerhoff, J., Czajkowski, M., Dekker, T., Glenk, K., … & Thiene, M. (2021). Environmental valuation with discrete choice experiments: Guidance on design, implementation and data analysis. Springer Nature.

11 – 12 Case studies: Farmers’ preferences for biodiversity conservation

schemes + Consumer preferences for a new EU ecosystem services label

Šumrada, T., Japelj, A., Verbič, M., Erjavec, E. (2022). Farmers’ preferences for result-based schemes for grassland conservation in Slovenia. Journal for Nature Conservation, 66, 126-143.

13.30 –  Group work/consultations

If interested to participate, please send your contact details till 15th January 2023 at