The seventh consecutive consultation was once again held in the online edition, on 26 May 2021. Members of the Department of Marketing in Agriculture from FAZ presented their research and teaching activities. Professor Željka Mesić was the moderator of the online meeting.


As mentioned at the meeting, the professional activities of the Department focus on:

  • preparation of expert analyses,
  • pilot projects,
  • market research projects and consulting services for the needs of state and municipal administration, foreign partners and domestic business, especially small and medium family farms.


The scientific work of the following four scientists was presented:

Prof. Damir Kovačić, PhD

Prof. Marija Cerjak, PhD

Assist. Prof. Željka Mesić, PhD

Marina Tomić Maksan, PhD

The members of the partner institutions from Italy, Sweden and Greece had the opportunity to get acquainted with the ongoing research projects of the Department of Marketing in Agriculture.


The discussion mostly focused on the following topics: laboratory meat, insects based food, familiarity in wine, seafood consumption, consumer behaviour etc.