Distinguished scientists from the University of Bologna (UNIBO) presented their research and teaching activities and provide insights on how FAZ project members can collaborate and train to achieve the goals of the AgriFoodBoost project.

The meeting was led by the members of the partner institution UNIBO, more specifically the Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

All consortium members present had the opportunity to get acquainted with the projects, research interests and teaching activities of the UNIBO professors involved in the AgriFoodBoost project.

In addition to presenting their own scientific profiles, Associate Professors Alessandra Castellini and Maria Teresa Rodriguez Estrada also presented the work of other members of the project team:

  • Maurizio Canavari (Associate Professor)
  • Tullia Gallina Toschi (Full Professor)
  • Vilma Xhakollari (Research fellow)
  • Marco Medici (Research fellow)
  • Chiara Selene Facchini (Research fellow)

as well as of the UNIBO PhD students participating in the AgriFoodBoost project:

  • Francesca Gori
  • Matilde Tura
  • Dario Mercatante

The topics discussed were: cooperation between different professions, future cooperation on joint research, possible mutual projects, comparing teaching programs and continued cooperation.

The discussion provided insights into the possibilities for expanding international collaboration through the preparation of potential joint projects to be agreed upon and eventually implemented through further meetings and discussions.