Dr. Jens Rommel, researcher at the Department of Economics at Swedish University of Agricultural Science in Uppsala (SLU) held a ZOOM consultation with FAZ project members on February 24, 2021.

Dr. Jens Rommel started the meeting with a brief description of his previous work, scientific and international experiences. Then, all present members of the University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture (FAZ) briefly introduced themselves and described their research interests, to give an insight into their scientific profiles and areas of work.

The FAZ members and the SLU expert found common interests, especially in the field of consumer behavior as well as behavioral and experimental economics. As a result of the 30-minute presentation, followed by a half-hour discussion, a future cooperation on the mentioned topics of common interest has been agreed.

The online consultations are part of the Work package 2 – Enhancement of FAZ scientific excellence in experimental economics.