VenueUniversity of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture, Zagreb

Date:   21 – 24 November 2022

Course leader: Associate Professor dr. Andreas Drichoutis

The course was directed at researchers and students with an interest in analyzing and interpreting data in the field of economics. To ensure high engagement, the maximum number of participants was limited to 15. In total, 7 people participated.

The course begun with an introduction to Stata software and basic data management techniques. We covered the basics of regression analysis, including simple and multiple linear regression models, as well as techniques for dealing with issues such as heteroscedasticity. Students learned how to estimate regression models using Stata and interpret the results, including significance tests and confidence intervals.

The course then moved on to more advanced topics, such as linear probability, logit and ordered logit models. The course lasted four days and was organized in ten sessions. The total number of hours was 14.

The course was hosted by the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Zagreb. During the course, all participants received didactic material and references.